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Dear visitor, are you looking for affordable airtickets to domestic US flights, or need to fly across whole North America?

Have you ever thought of the reasons why cheap air tickets aren’t exactly cheap? Once that question struck my shrewd mind, I started looking into matter. Apparently, ‘conspiracy theory’ is not to blame here. It’s just how the market works, with many intermediate pieces biting up their share of a pie.

Then our team began to build a business plan to see if final costs can be brought lower. Yes, that was a task to carefully think of, but the result was well worth the efforts.

First, you need to know about us the following:

• We book all tickets directly

• We buy a lot of tickets, so we have huge discounts from airlines

• We have a lot of bonus points and miles and we can get a discount ticket for them

• To avoid unnecessary expenses, our company work without renting, do not spend much on advertising (people learn about us anyway), do not buy software for booking and do not pay a lot of taxes, so we take a minimum charge from client looking for a big benefit for you

When launching Air Tickets for USA booking service we tended to avoid as many unnecessary expenditures as possible. No sophisticated Oracle database management (the service and maintenance fees are certainly on the pricier side). On the practical side of things that step does take away some automation, but that’s a small price to pay for affordable air tickets. No offline offices mean no rent, no monthly bills, and that’s what makes our air ticket booking service so appealing to you, end customer. Well, not the tickets themselves, but the prices we sell them at (you get the idea, don’t you?)

Our company was registered in 2018 and we have already made more than 700 tickets with the help of our system. Certificate of the company: click here

Once you’ve made up your mind as to where you’d like to travel, use our Get Quote form to see what we can offer at the moment. I kindly ask you to leave us correct e-mail address and phone number as this is crucial for our feedback to you.

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